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Getting ready for a new year.


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When I was a kid I loved the movie adaptation of the Dr Suess story “Horton hears a Who”. In the story Horton, this elephant, hears the people of Whoville, when no one else can here them. He hears them because he has such big elephant ears. Well the rest of the world cannot hear them because they do not have the big elephant ears. After lots of crazy rhymes and ridicules antics the people hear the folks of Whoville and they are saved from being boiled. I have no Idea why you need to boil things you cannot hear.

Well I feel  a slight similarity between RBC and the people of Whoville. For a short while the RBC website was down due to some technical difficulty. I’d like to say, WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE! and would like to take a little time to give an update.

Our latest scholar, Darnell, has graduated from John Marshall HS, and Breanna and I dropped him off at The University of North Iowa last week. He is very excited, he will be attending as a Freshman and he plans to study physical therapy and eventually become a sports trainer. Although he did play football at JM, he has decided to not play football but concentrate more on studying. However, he may try to wrestle but he is not sure.

Diego will be returning to JM as a senior and we all look forward to his return.

Please check the calendar on our website and make sure to add the upcoming RBC community activities to your calendar. The RBC board has made a conscious decision to have activities that are family fun activities. They think  that there are way to many Galas and such in the world today and we need to have more “Zombie 5k’s” and “Bacon-Fest’s” in the world. There can never be to much bacon, well I take that back, reflecting  upon last years Bacon-Fest and the meat sweats as a result.

So we will be having our RBC 5k Zombie stagger on  October 14th, Bacon-Fest on Feb 8th and our annual Rochester Winter-Fest gospel concert on Feb 11th.

Please add these events to your calendar and consider supporting from a far if you do not live in the area. We always have an option to donate even if you do not attend.


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