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Summertime, and the living’s easy…

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Summertime, and the living’s easy, Pizza’s cooking, and the bands are playing fine. Well that’s not the way it was written.

OK it’s time to have our summer, winter-fest concert. Once again, some of the folks that played at our RBC Winter-fest Gospel Concert decided to have a summer concert. We will be at Squash Blossom Farm again. If you have been in years past you will know it is a great time. Roger and Susan will have the wood fired pizza going and the music will be flowing. It is a great family friendly place to spend a Sunday afternoon. There is no charge, but we will be passing the hat, and all the proceeds will go to RBC. If you want pizza I would suggest ordering ahead, because they go fast.

Here is the link to Pre Order Pizza I had one last Sunday and they are great! Very gourmet. I had the “Greek” but Roger had the “Fancy Smancy” which looked great. I will try that next time. These are not large pizzas. 2 people could split one, it will not feed a large family but they are made with fresh ingredients and really good.

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