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2018 BaconFest Feb 1st 2018

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Bacon Fest is just around the corner and what better holiday gift than a ticket to bacon Fest.

Rochester Better Chance will be hosting Bacon Fest again this year as part of Rochester Winter Fest. We will have all the goodness of bacon ‘the desert of meats” in every way possible.

Rochester Famous Tower of Bacon including Maple Candied / Pecan Smoked among other assorted varieties.

Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Bites

Top your own Gnocchi

Baked Bacon Au gratin

Bacon Potato Salad

Build your own BLT’s

Bacon Mozzarella Sticks

Fruit Display with Bacon Marmalade Dip

Bacon Devil Eggs

Bacon Corn Choweder


Bacon Pop Over

Suger Peanut Bacon Cookies

Bacon Cheese Cake

Maple Bacon Doughnuts


Starts at 530 and goes until 8PM

Celebrity Bacon Eating Contest at 7PM

Live music by “The Cabin Fever Bluegrass Band”

Door Prizes

Silent Auction

Early tickets are $25 adults and $10 Youth, on sale at the Canadian Honker. They are available online at our eventbrite site for a nominal processing fee, or ask a Rochester Better Chance board member to sell you a ticket, or two, or how ever many you may. need.

Tickets will be $30 and $15 at the door so buy your tickets early.

Zombie Stagger Time

It is time for the Zombie Stagger 5K

You do not want to miss it. The race is next Saturday October 14th at 1:00 at Cooke Park. You can register up until 5:00 pm on the 13th online, or register at the race on Saturday. If you want to make sure you get a shirt, register online

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Getting ready for a new year.

When I was a kid I loved the movie adaptation of the Dr Suess story “Horton hears a Who”. In the story Horton, this elephant, hears the people of Whoville, when no one else can here them. He hears them because he has such big elephant ears. Well the rest of the world cannot hear them because they do not have the big elephant ears. After lots of crazy rhymes and ridicules antics the people hear the folks of Whoville and they are saved from being boiled. I have no Idea why you need to boil things you cannot hear.

Well I feel  a slight similarity between RBC and the people of Whoville. For a short while the RBC website was down due to some technical difficulty. I’d like to say, WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE! and would like to take a little time to give an update.

Our latest scholar, Darnell, has graduated from John Marshall HS, and Breanna and I dropped him off at The University of North Iowa last week. He is very excited, he will be attending as a Freshman and he plans to study physical therapy and eventually become a sports trainer. Although he did play football at JM, he has decided to not play football but concentrate more on studying. However, he may try to wrestle but he is not sure.

Diego will be returning to JM as a senior and we all look forward to his return.

Please check the calendar on our website and make sure to add the upcoming RBC community activities to your calendar. The RBC board has made a conscious decision to have activities that are family fun activities. They think  that there are way to many Galas and such in the world today and we need to have more “Zombie 5k’s” and “Bacon-Fest’s” in the world. There can never be to much bacon, well I take that back, reflecting  upon last years Bacon-Fest and the meat sweats as a result.

So we will be having our RBC 5k Zombie stagger on  October 14th, Bacon-Fest on Feb 8th and our annual Rochester Winter-Fest gospel concert on Feb 11th.

Please add these events to your calendar and consider supporting from a far if you do not live in the area. We always have an option to donate even if you do not attend.


Gospel Concert Time

Winter brings us Winter Fest and Winter Fest brings us the RBC Winter Fest Gospel concert. The first year we had unintentionally picked the super bowl, last year we had Valentines day this year I think we are clear…

We have a great lineup this year. Becky Schleagel and Heath Loy will be performing again. the world renowned “Cabin Fever Bluegrass band” will be there, most of “The Nodding Wild Onions” the “Rochester Flute Quartet” we may have “Brass Etc” and the “Armor of God” choir. and Kimberly Collins.

The show will be at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church again, same as last year, the concert is free but we will take a free will offering. We have an Eventbrite site for this show where you can make a donation and all the money will go to RBC. and the site will have all the info needed for the show.

The show is Feb 12th from 6:00 till 8:00, hope to see you there.





Bacon Fest

Basically there are two types of people in this world, those that like bacon and those that do not. At the RBC house we like bacon, well all but Diego, he is a vegetarian.Any way, RBC has been given the opportunity to host Bacon Fest as part of this years Winter Fest 2017, a task we are not taking lightly. This is a really fun event if you love bacon, if not I’m sure there is a “tofu”, or “broccoli” fest out there some where, just not here. We want no confusion, this is called Baconfest” for a reason. You will have the opportunity to eat more bacon than your body will allow. They put bacon in, and on, everything. We will have all sorts of bacon inspired culinary creations and I have heard that there will be a bacon flavored Bloody Mary at the cash bar. If like me, you do not consume adult beverages, I am sure they will make one without the alcohol. If you have been to Baconfest in the past, you know you will not want to miss this, if you have never been you will want to start a tradition. This very well could be a life changing event for you.

Bacon Fest is February 2nd starting at 5:30 PM at the  Canadian Honker Events Center at the Kahler Apache.

You don’t  want to miss this, If you do you had better be dead, or in jail, and if your in jail you’d better break out!

Get tickets here


It is time again for the RBC Zombie Stagger 5K.  A “not so serious” run,  stagger, crawl or just sit and watch the fun kind of race. we will have a start and a finish. but most of all it is what a race is supposed to be fun.

The race is on Saturday October 15th Registration will start at 3:00 PM and the race will start at 4:00. Come dressed as a zombie, a zombie hunter, or you can be one of the rabble of unsuspecting masses.

Please come and enjoy the day and help support RBC.

If you want a shirt, you will need to preregister on our eventbrite site. You will be able to register the day of the race but you will not get a shirt.

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Diego runs CC Meet in Winona

All of our scholars are expected to participate in extracurricular activities, Diego is doing Cross Country this quarter. This weekend Diego ran the Jim Film Invitational meet in Winona, a brutal race in the bluffs by the Mississippi river. he did well…he finished, with the help of his team cheering him on. I snapped one photo at the 1 mile mark, and one at the finish line. Great job Diego!